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Policy and Guidelines

Water Conservation & Efficiency

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High Level Guidance

State Planning Policies and Guidelines

    1. Overview
    2. Water management reports in the land planning process
    3. Preparation and assessment of water management reports
    4. Resource and support provided by the Department of Water
    5. The role of local government
    6. Identifying and establishing waterways foreshore areas
    7. Managing the hydrology and hydrogeology of water dependent ecosystems in urban development

Regional Water Plans

Department of Water Drainage and Water Management Plans

Water Quality Improvement Plans

Local WQIPs

Water Reuse & Recycling

Framework for the use of Non-Drinking water in WA

WA Department of Health guidelines

Water Corporation information for builders and developers

  • Here is an information source developed to assist land developers consider non-drinking water schemes. Land developers are encouraged to engage with Water Corporation early in the planning process to avoid unnecessary costs and save time.

Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling

Managed aquifer recharge

Other publications

Stormwater & Groundwater Management
Specific Guidelines

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