Connecting People with Nature through WSUD

Achieving good urban amenity is an important component of stormwater management systems.

This can be accomplished by:

  • integrating stormwater management systems within the design of road reserves, public spaces and public open space
  • managing stormwater and retaining and planting vegetation (preferably local native species) throughout the urban landscape
  • establishing a connection between people, water and nature in the urban landscape. Stormwater management is a significant component in the planning and delivery of public open space.


The goal of an engaged and skilled community can be achieved by increasing awareness and understanding the benefits of WSUD and how it can be implemented, by informing the decision makers, ensuring organisational culture embraces the inclusion of WSUD in future investments.


Communities and businesses thrive in green urban spaces. Natural features, settings, and processes in urban areas can help to reduce stress associated with urban life. In this and other ways, public health benefits from, street trees, green roofs, community gardens, parks and open spaces, and extensive connective pathways for walking and biking. Such urban design provisions can also yield ecological benefits, not only directly but also through the role they play in shaping attitudes toward the environment and environmental protection. Knowledge of the psychological benefits of nature experience supports efforts to better integrate nature into the architecture, infrastructure, and public spaces of urban areas.


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