About Us

New WAter Ways was formed in 2006 to enable excellence in integrated water cycle management and build capacity of government and industry practitioners.

New WAter Ways was incorporated under the Incorporated Associations Act 1987 in 2014. The incorporation of New WAter Ways provides a long term sustainable platform for the goals and objectives of the program. The incorporation of New WAter Ways also facilitates clearer roles, responsibilities and protocols through the established governance framework and provides a potential income stream through memberships and improved opportunities for receiving grants and raising funds from events.

The members of New WAter Ways Inc provide oversight of the program. They are:

  • Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
  • Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
  • Western Australian Local Government Association
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia (WA)
  • Water Corporation

The delivery of New WAter Ways Inc is guided by this strategic plan and the annual operational plan. The strategic direction for the program is provided by a Board of Management comprising the above agencies, which meets on a quarterly basis.

The strength of the New WAter Ways program lies in its commitment to:

  • partnerships, collaboration and consultation;
  • demonstration of best practices, policy and processes; and
  • providing leadership and supporting champions,

in order to showcase the wide range of total water cycle solutions available, building capacity in the achievement of better urban water management outcomes across the State.

Program Scope

The New WAter Ways program addresses all elements of the urban water cycle, including rainfall, surface water (stormwater), groundwater, drinking water, wastewater and water for the environment within an urban development context. In order to facilitate the best practice management and use of the urban water cycle and delivery of water sensitive urban design outcomes, these aspects are best categorised as:

  • Water recycling and reuse /alternative water sources;
  • Water conservation and efficiency; and
  • Stormwater and groundwater management.

Program objectives

The objectives of the New WAter Ways program are to deliver outcomes in the areas of knowledge sharing; education, science and training; advocacy and leadership; and partnerships and bridging. The objectives are to:

  • provide easy access to best practice and supporting WSUD information including trusted science, technical tools, current policy and existing programs;
  • make WSUD “normal practice” by facilitating the upskilling of WSUD practitioners to deliver best practice for Western Australia based on trusted and reliable science;
  • provide leadership and advocacy for the adoption of best management and planning practices for WSUD in Western Australia; and
  • promote effective partnerships by acting as a bridging organisation for the WA water sector.

Our Partners