Urban Nutrient Decision Outcomes (UNDO)  is a conceptual decision support tool that evaluates nutrient reduction decisions for urban developments on the sandy Swan Coastal Plain in south-west Western Australia. It is designed for ease-of-use by urban development proponents and for assessment by local and state government authorities. Full details can be found HERE

Water Planning


New WAter Ways is trialing an app to help with assessing, actioning and reporting on the maintenance of WSUD assets: biofilters, constructed wetlands, pervious paving, swales and tree pits.  The app allows users to document many elements of WSUD assets and take pictures. Reminders can be set for necessary actions  required to be undertaken.  The information and pictures can then, at a push of a button, generate a comprehensive report which can be emailed to multiple destinations.  The only instrument required is a smart phone or tablet. The app is free for users and can be used anywhere, anytime and has no limit to the number of users at any given time. Instructions on how to use the app are HERE. If you would like more information on the app or to take part in the trial, please email


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