Sediment Management

Sediment Task Force

The Sediment Task Force has developed an easy-to-use field-based checklist to assist Local Government Officers (LGOs) to inspect incidences of soil erosion, sediment runoff, sand drift and dust from building, subdivision and construction sites. The On-Site Checklist will enable LGO’s to quickly identify erosion and sediment loss; record and follow up on actions to resolve a breach; provide best practice recommendations; and offer useful tips to facilitate a positive and timely solution. The checklist has been endorsed by WALGA as a necessary tool in the drive for delivering a Waterwise community and to reduce the environmental impact of urban development. You can use the checklist as an “in-house” publication or for internal reporting purposes.

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WA Local Government Case Studies of best practice management in erosion and sediment control (ESC)

Local Government plays a key role in managing urban development. Poor industry practices have resulted in sedimentation and declining water quality and biodiversity, and in considerable unbudgeted expenditure being incurred by Local Government for street sweeping, pipe cleaning and maintaining drainage infrastructure and Water Sensitive Urban Design technologies.

Learn why, what and find out how and about the:

  • City of Bayswater is facilitating cooperation from builders and developers.
  • City of Swan’s Development Design Specifications for subdivision.
  • Shire of Augusta-Margaret River’s strategic approach to managing development to protect local waterways.
  • Town of Cambridge is addressing sediment loss at its source.
  • City of Subiaco is remediating environmental degradation caused by sedimentation.
  • City of Kalamunda’s comprehensive regulatory framework to decrease sedimentation.
  • City of Cockburn’s “multi-pronged approach” for sand drift and dust.
  • How gazetting a Local Law to mitigate ESC is advantageous.

Local Government Case Studies