Project Details

WSUD Category: Biofilter/raingarden, Living stream

Development Type: Public Open Space
Function/Driver: Water quality
Government Area: City of Armadale
Year Completed: 2008


The Vertu living stream is located along Wright Road in the Vertu Estate, Harrisdale. It is surrounded by public open space which doubles as a stormwater detention basin. Flush road curbing along Wright Road allows stormwater to be treated in biofilters along the stream’s edge, before flowing into the Forrestdale Main Drain.

A number of the biofilters and detention basins have been integrated into the adjacent public open space to provide both stormwater treatment and amenity value to local residents.

Biofilter sizing

  • 5yr ARI storage – 374 m3
  • 10 yr storage – 431 m3
  • Outflow to living stream 0.02 m/s
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