Project Details

WSUD Category: Wetland/lake algae management

Development Type: Public Open Space
Function/Driver: Water quality
Government Area: City of Rockingham


Type of wetland

  • Constructed
  • Has one aerator

Description of the wetland management issue

Water can become green, with floating and filamentous algae

Treatment trialled

  • Name of treatment: Three Simplot products; Blast, Vista and Aquasphere.  According to the manufacturer, all products are a proprietary blend of naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, non-genetically altered microorganisms on a natural carrier.
  • Quantity used: 1 x Vista and 3 x Blast for 3 weekly applications, and 1 x Aqua sphere.
  • Method of application: These are all simply packets or spheres thrown into the lake.
  • Is there any known scientific research supporting its effectiveness?☐ Yes  ☒No

Date(s) of treatment

Blast and Vista treatments were applied in 2019 on 11 Sep, 23 Sep and 3 October.  Aquasphere was applied on 22 October.

Outcome of treatment

  • Visual observations: Before treatment water was green and had filamentous algae, after the three treatments of Blast and Vista the water was quite clear.
  • Have water parameters specific to the treatment claims been measured before and after application? ☐ Yes ☒ No


Contact Officer:  David Latham, Horticultural Supervisor

Email: [email protected]

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