Siroi Court constructed treatment lake & wetland buffer zone


Project Details

This site showcases vegetated buffers adjacent important wetlands. Groundwater is treated, stored and used for POS irrigation

WSUD Category: Biofilter/raingarden, Detention Basin, Tree pits, Underground storage

Criteria Information
Development Type:Public Open Space
Function/Driver:Water quality
Government Area:City of Gosnells
Site Context:Shallow groundwater
Year Completed:2010

The Siroi Court site comprises multiple WSUD best practices. This includes the innovative use of a constructed treatment lake for the storage and treatment of shallow groundwater for public open space (POS) irrigation, a biofiltration basin to treat stormwater runoff generated from adjacent roads during small events, and a revegetated buffer zone to rehabilitate adjacent conservation category wetland, Balannup Lake.

The constructed treatment lake, located at the end of Siroi Court, receives and stores groundwater pumped from the superficial aquifer, which undergoes initial treatment via aeration. A constructed watercourse connects this lake to a larger irrigation lake located within a POS area on Castlewood Parkway, and provides additional treatment to groundwater through further aeration and the settling of suspended solids. Treated groundwater is subsequently stored in the larger lake and utilised for irrigation of vegetated POS areas throughout the precinct. The constructed lakes and watercourse serve multiple purposes by providing treatment and storage of groundwater for irrigation; providing amenity to local residents; and providing habitat for local fauna.
A biofiltration basin located next to the constructed treatment lake functions as a water quality treatment system for stormwater runoff generated in small events from adjacent road reserves. Nearby tree pits and flush kerbing along Castlewood Parkway are also best practice stormwater management, which act to maximise local infiltration and water quality treatment of stormwater runoff from the local road network.

Another key feature of this site is the revegetated zone adjacent to the constructed treatment lake, biofiltration basin and Tiger Circle road reserve which separates and buffers the development from the Balannup Lake conservation category wetland. The buffer zone has been planted with locally native species to facilitate the rehabilitation of the wetland and habitat of native flora and fauna, as well as protecting it from impacts resulting from the development.

This site was part of the WSUD Tour through the Cities of Gosnells and Armadale. The whole document can be downloaded here.