Hartfield Park Managed Aquifer Recharge

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Project Details

Diverting winter stormwater destined for the urban water runoff system, putting it through a filtration system, and using an injection method, storing it in a superficial aquifer for use in times of need.

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Criteria Information
Development Type:Public Open Space
Function/Driver:Water reuse
Government Area:City of Kalamunda
Site Context:Well-draining soils
Year Completed:2016

Growing demands on the City of Kalamunda to provide community sporting fields and recreational spaces, coupled with a drying climate and population growth were at the core of the Hartfield Park Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) project.


Groundwater allocations were insufficient for the irrigation needs of the growing City, as identified in the Hartfield Park Master Plan (2010) and Communities Facilities Plan (2011). This led lead to an investigation into the opportunities for alternative water sources for irrigation of the Hartfield Park regional open space.

A concept was developed to extract water from the nearby Water Corporation Woodlupine Main Drain during winter, as these stormwater flows are destined for the urban water runoff system. It was proposed that following filtration, harvested stormwater could be used to recharge the Leederville aquifer in winter and be extracted for irrigation in summer.

More information can be found on the New WAter Ways case study here.