The Grove: Leading, Learning, Living


Project Details

The Town of Cottesloe, Town of Mosman Park and the Shire of Peppermint Grove have worked collaboratively to develop a high-profile environmentally sensitive demonstration project. – The Grove: Leading Learning, Living.

WSUD Category: Biofilter/raingarden, Detention Basin, Litter & sediment trap

Criteria Information
Development Type:Residential
Government Area:Shire of Peppermint Grove
Site Context:Well-draining soils
Year Completed:2010

Not only does The Grove building target water efficiency, but it also serves as a ‘living’ educational tool.

Scheme water use at The Grove has been reduced significantly. Rainwater is captured, stored and treated for in-house use onsite. Waterless urinals and a number of low / limited flow water fixtures and fittings have also been installed at The Grove. Wastewater is captured, treated, and used onsite for irrigation. During the hotter months, some water is diverted to the thermal maze to aid cooling of the building.

Historically, stormwater flows from the 20 ha catchment were not treated. Now, primary treatment occurs through a gross pollutant trap prior to entering a pump-out tank. Secondary treatment sees the stormwater being pumped to a number of subsurface flow sedgebeds which utilise native plants to remove of nutrients, suspended solids, biological oxygen demand and heavy metals. The flows then drain into the vegetated ephemeral wetland where treated flows are recharged to the local aquifer.

Landscaping consists of a range of low water use, habitat comprised of Western Australian plant species. Green walls have been constructed around parts of the building which reduce the overall temperature of the building.

You can learn more about The Grove in the New WAter Ways case study here.