Project Details

WSUD Category: Biofilters, Raingardens, Swales & buffer strips

Development Type: Residential
Function/Driver: Water quantity/flood
Government Area: City of Gosnells
Year Completed: 2006


The road reserves located at the corner of and along Glenview Way and Bletchley Parkway have been constructed to provide a stormwater conveyance function using best practice WSUD principles. Flush kerbing bordering the road allows stormwater generated during small rainfall events to flow into grassed swales contained within adjacent verges. This design maximises local infiltration of runoff, thereby contributing to the maintenance of pre-development hydrological conditions, as well as providing a conveyance function. Swales also provide physical and biochemical water quality treatment via deposition and filtration of sediments and nutrient uptake. Bubble-up pits are also contained within the grassed swales
as part of conveyance of minor stormwater flows piped from surrounding access streets.

Runoff generated during major rainfall events from these streets is conveyed by pipe to the most northern POS site in the precinct and then directed to the adjacent conservation category wetland buffer zone, which has been revegetated to provide additional water quality treatment.

This site was part of the WSUD Tour through the Cities of Gosnells and Armadale. The whole document can be downloaded here.

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