Project Details

WSUD Category: Living stream; Retention of native vegetation

Development Type: Public Open Space
Function/Driver: Environmental improvement
Government Area: City of Rockingham
Year Completed: 2018


The Crinea Drive reserve, located within Rivergums Estate, including the installation of a ‘Living Stream’, which meanders through retained native vegetation and a nature play area. The integration of the nature play area with the living stream provides an educational component to a feature that would typically go unnoticed.

Key issues:

  • Ensuring emptying times were consistent with the WA Stormwater manual. The existing POS along Stillwater Drive has extended periods of ponded water during the winter months and so confidence in the viability of living streams at this location was limited.
  • Proximity to play equipment and demonstrating no issues in terms of child safety.
  • Plant health and density within the stream due to the extensive underlying subsoil network. The POS is newly constructed, so establishment periods are in progress.
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