Project Details

WSUD Category: Biofilter/raingarden, Detention Basin, Stormwater management in multi-dwelling developments, Swale / buffer strip, Tree pits

Development Type: Public Open Space
Function/Driver: Water quantity/flood
Government Area: City of Cockburn


Runoff during frequent rainfall events from the Cockburn Central East development will be captured and treated in biofiltration swales to be installed adjacent to the wetland.

  • The biofiltration system has been sized by modelling runoff from the connected catchment to contain the 1 year ARI, 1 hour event below weir level.
  • Small event road runoff from the development site is managed by infiltration on-site in tree pits and underground infiltration devices.
  • Stormwater in excess of the 1 year 1 hour ARI event volume will overtop the biofiltration swales and enter the wetland core via overland flow paths.
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