Project Details

WSUD Category: Green Roof & Walls

Development Type: Commercial
Function/Driver: Environmental improvement
Government Area: City of Perth


WorkZone is an innovative inner city office campus located in Perth’s CBD fringe. The building features large, open and efficient floor plates of 2,400m2 with excellent natural light and extensive facilities with a 5 start Green Star v3 As Built rating. WorkZone building was purpose built to incorporate a number of environmental features including green roofs, designed by Deep Green Landscaping. Such green roofs can help to combat urban heat, treat storm water, as well as increase biodiversity and healthy habitats.

Greywater was utilised at the Workzone building using an irrigation system coupling a dripper and spray system together to minimise blockage from fine roots. Greywater is recycled daily using a simple 3-filter system, mixed with 10% scheme water. While some maintenance is needed (including flushing the drippers 3 to 4 times per year to stop salt build up), the resulting water savings have been significant at this site.

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