Project Details

WSUD Category: Green Roof & Walls

Development Type: Commercial
Function/Driver: Environmental improvement
Government Area: City of Perth
Year Completed: 2017


Capital Square Tower 1, one of three proposed buildings being constructed on the Old Emu Brewery site on Mounts Bay Road, has become the new Perth headquarters for Woodside Energy Limited. Awarded a 6 start Green Star Office v3 As Built rating, Capital Square Tower 1 was purpose built to incorporate a number of environmental features including green roofs designed by Deep Green Landscaping. Such green roofs can help to combat urban heat, treat storm water, as well as increase biodiversity and healthy habitats.

Key design features for these green roofs include:

  • Specialised lightweight soil mix able to retain rain water just long enough for plants to absorb, but not hold onto for so long as to make it wet and heavy for the slabs underneath;
  • The mix includes Spongelite (silicon dioxide) from Albany which provides ideal microhabitats for microorganisms and effective transport of water and nutrients to plants;
  • Shallow rooted species such as Jacarandas or Melaleucas and other ornamental plants are preferred.
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