Project Details

WSUD Category: Biofilter/raingarden, Swale / buffer strip, Tree pits

Development Type: Commercial
Function/Driver: Environmental improvement
Government Area: City of Armadale
Year Completed: 2016


The Byford Shopping Centre was constructed in 2016. The center comprises a Coles supermarket with a number of smaller stores to the west, connected by an covered open walkway.

Nine bioretention swales have been built in the car park, with flush curbing at all sides of the swales. The swales have been designed to manage the first 15mm of rainfall. Shade sails designed to offer protection to patrons while still providing solar access to bioretention swale vegetation have been built at each swale.

48 roadside tree pits are located within the internal Shopping Centre roads. The tree pits include subsoil drainage and flush curbing to the road. Subsoil drainage leads to the vegetated detention basin at the Shopping Centre entrance.

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