Benalla Drive public open space


Project Details

This POS maximises local infiltration through a meandering flow path through grass and shrubs, providing water quality treatement of small events in vegetated areas.

WSUD Category: Biofilter/raingarden, Detention Basin, Retention of native vegetation, Swale / buffer strip

Criteria Information
Development Type:Public Open Space
Function/Driver:Water quality
Government Area:City of Armadale
Site Context:Shallow groundwater
Year Completed:2005

The public open space (POS) bordered by Benalla Drive in Vertu Estate is characterised by the expanse of native vegetation retained on site. The retention of native vegetation has significantly reduced the irrigation needs of the site, as well as providing attractive public amenity and habitat for local fauna. The POS achieves multiple objectives through its capacity to treat, detain and infiltrate stormwater runoff as well as provide recreational amenity. Runoff is conveyed to the POS through the use of WSUD systems such as flush kerbing and grassed swales surrounding the detention areas containing native vegetation. The naturally vegetated detention area in the centre of the POS site improves the water quality of stormwater runoff before infiltration to groundwater The meandering design of swales and connecting flow paths through the POS has been used to maximise local infiltration.