Barley straw treatment trial – Bayeux Reserve Lake


Project Details

Water is green all year round, no floating algae

WSUD Category: Wetland/lake algae management

Criteria Information
Development Type:Public Open Space
Function/Driver:Water quality
Government Area:City of Rockingham
Site Context:Shallow groundwater
Year Completed:2019

Type of wetland

  • Constructed
  • Has 2 x aerators

Description of the wetland management issue

Water is green all year round, no floating algae.

Treatment trialled

  • Name of treatment: Barley Straw
  • Quantity used: 20 bales
  • Method of application: Barley straw is placed in a custom made shadecloth bag with a weight at the bottom and float on top, and placed in the lake.  They take up to 10 days to sink so that only the float is visible.
  • Is there any known scientific research supporting its effectiveness?☐ Yes  ☒No

Date(s) of treatment

The treatment commenced in Aug 2019.  The barley straw in the bags will be replaced every six months.

Outcome of treatment

  • Still early to draw conclusions but initial observations are very promising.
  • The lake is not as green and the clarity has improved but ongoing monitoring will be undertaken.


Contact Officer:  David Latham, Horticultural Supervisor