Perth to become a leading waterwise city by 2030

Perth is set to become a leading waterwise city by 2030 with the launch of the Waterwise Perth Action Plan today (24 October 2019).

Climate change has made our winters drier and our summers hotter and, combined with urban and population growth, has dramatically affected Perth’s water resources.

The Waterwise Perth Action Plan sets targets to respond to the major impacts of climate change on water resources and liveability to support the 3.5 million population anticipated to reside in Perth by 2050.

The plan takes the next steps on from saving water to improving how we manage water in our urban environments so we have healthy waterways and wetlands, attractive green spaces and water security beyond 2030.

The plan includes:

  • Assistance for households to be more waterwise and reduce annual per person use to 110kL;
  • Improved water management of sporting ovals and green spaces;
  • All government-led urban development projects in Perth and Peel to be 100 per cent waterwise;
  • METRONET precincts designed to consider all elements of the water cycle;
  • Increased use of recycled water; and
  • Increasing the urban tree canopy to reduce the urban heat island effect.


More than 200 stakeholders provided their knowledge and insight into the plan. The Waterwise Perth Action Plan is available at