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Webinar Stormwater Fundamentals Series │ WSUD Asset Maintenance


Online – Times in AWST

This is Session #11 of the ‘Stormwater Fundamental’ series in 2024, focussing WSUD Asset Maintenance. With a large range of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) asset types and models in the stormwater industry, it can be difficult to understand how to properly manage WSUD assets. This is because it could require different types of training and equipment, pose different hazards and dangers, and varied access considerations. This training event will go through the fundamentals of WSUD maintenance to help remove any uncertainty around WSUD maintenance. We will go through questions like: • What is a WSUD asset? • Why it is important to maintain WSUD assets? • How should WSUD assets be maintained? • Who can maintain WSUD assets? • Why do assets need to be maintained? • What is a WSUD maintenance schedule? • What is a WSUD maintenance contract? This session is best suited for WSUD asset managers and owners, maintenance contractors, and anyone with a general interest in WSUD maintenance. By the end of the event, attendees should have a fundamental understanding of WSUD maintenance which can help them with their work in the stormwater industry. The 45-minute session will include a short presentation by Ocean Protect’s Daniel Rider, Fotos Melaisis and Brad Dalrymple, followed by Q&A with attendees. A certificate of CPD can be provided to attendees upon request.