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Webinar: Circular cities – how does a circular economy create a water sensitive city?

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Online – AWST

We hear a lot of different names and frameworks about sustainability these days. It can be hard to navigate, especially if they’re part of business targets. How similar are they? When a new framework emerges, do we stop pursuing others? Water Corporation recently engaged Water Sensitive Cities Australia and WSAA to prepare a ready-reckoner comparing Circular Economy and Water Sensitive Cities frameworks, to highlight their differences and common ground.

  • Jamie Ewert, Water Sensitive Cities Australia, Monash University
  • Georgina Hurst, Manager, Waterwise Cities, Water Corporation (Western Australia)

Join us for a half-hour webinar on Thursday 1 September 2022 at 11.30 (AWST) and 13.30 (AEST) to present Frameworks for Sustainable Urban Water Management.
Hosted by Danielle Francis, WSAA Manager Liveable Communities.

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