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Waterwise Perth Action Plan launch

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A waterwise Perth is cool, liveable, green and sustainable – a place where people want to live, work and spend their time.

The Waterwise Perth Action Plan sets the direction for transitioning Perth to a leading waterwise city by 2030.

Western Australia used to get 420 billion litres of water running into our dams each year, but with climate change significantly reducing rainfall since the mid-1970s, we can now expect just 25 billion litres.

This Action Plan calls on everyone in the community to play a role. State Government, councils, industry, individual businesses and households are all required to help secure our water future and reduce per person water use in Perth to 110KL a person per year.

By simply reducing per person water use in Perth from 126KL to 110KL we will save 2 billion litres of water per year – enough to fill Optus Stadium 32 times over.

The two-year plan sets the groundwork to respond to the impacts of climate change on Perth’s water supplies and meet the water needs for a growing population.

It outlines the actions we will take in the first two years of this journey and establishes a solid foundation for the successive plans needed to achieve our 2030 targets. To ensure Perth can remain a beautiful, green and liveable city, we must act now to be more waterwise.


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