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National Water Week

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Each October, National Water Week makes a splash right across Australia, inspiring individuals, communities and organisations to work together to build community awareness and understanding around water related topics and challenges.

National Water Week provides an opportunity to remind ourselves and teach others that access to clean water is hugely important to every aspect of our lives, and we must do our best to protect our water environments and resources, use water wisely and respect its importance in our societies.

This year’s National Water Week theme is ‘Water for me, Water for all’. This theme encourages young people and the wider community to think about how we use water and how we can protect it so we have it in the future. It also gives us a huge opportunity to start conversations and encourage people to learn more about the value of water.

We sometimes take it for granted that clean water simply pours out of our taps and showers but not everyone in the world has this luxury. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #6 challenges us to work towards a world where everyone will have safe water to drink.

Water has linkages across several of the Sustainable Development Goals including Goal #3 good health and wellbeing, Goal #5 gender equality, Goal #7 affordable and clean energy, Goal #11 sustainable cities and communities, Goal #14 life below water, and Goal #15 life on land. These are all topics of conversation that you can bring up in the classroom, at the dinner table and in your lunchroom. If there’s water for you and me, then there should be water for all.

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