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ECA Online Training Workshop: Adaptive EIA – Responding To Challenges In A Time Of Disruption

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Although the world has changed beyond recognition over the past few months with implications for all aspects of our lives, one thing is certain and that is that good EIA is as important as ever. Yet practitioners and regulators alike are facing new challenges in the current environment, and as the economy starts to open up we can expect increased pressure on EIA timelines. What does all this mean for the practice of EIA under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act? Where do the greatest challenges lie and what approaches are available to us to ensure effective, efficient and pragmatic EIA in a time of significant disruptions such as COVID-19?

Through consultation with the EPA Services Division of DWER, three main areas of risk and opportunity have been identified that will be the focus for this interactive training workshop: the EPA’s new greenhouse gas factor guideline; baseline studies, and the implications for the whole EIA process of limited ability to conduct surveys; and stakeholder engagement, with an emphasis on response to submissions. There will also be opportunities to share experiences and to raise other concerns and questions with DWER representatives. The ultimate aim of the session is to clarify expectations of all parties and to chart the way through for EIA in these uncertain times and beyond.

Join us for this one-day online training workshop facilitated by Angus Morrison-Saunders and Jenny Pope, with Q&A by Anthony Sutton (Director, EPA Services Division of DWER). It will take place online through Zoom, reflecting best practice online teaching methods and making full use of available features such as break-out rooms for small group exercises and discussions.

This workshop is designed as an interactive learning workshop, for experienced environmental practitioners to exchange learnings, insights and opportunities to improve adaptive EIA that is future-proof.

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