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Decoupling increase in precipitation extremes from the changes in urban stormwater flooding – Webinar

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Online – AWST

It is well accepted that warmer temperatures lead to greater moisture holding capacity for the atmosphere, resulting in bigger downpours, creating larger design precipitation intensities and possibly less secure flood infrastructure especially in urban areas. What is less appreciated is the importance pre-storm conditions have on urban stormwater infrastructure, especially in locations that contain significant water bodies. This presentation uses four urban case studies from the United States, Australia and Thailand to illustrate the differing impacts of warming on urban flood security. Each of these locations pose unique modelling challenges, given the near-continuous change urban stormwater networks undergo. It is shown that in spite of this change, there is clear evidence that urban flood security is compromised as a result of rise in temperature, a trend that will only worsen as time goes on.

Ashish Sharma, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering @University of New South Wales