Webinar – Performance of green facades irrigated with greywater under a Mediterranean climate: a pilot-scale study

Friday 21 May 2021
Professor Carolyn Oldham, School of Engineering, UWA 
PhD Candidate Azrina Karima, School of Engineering, UWA
PhD Candidate Reza Bakhshoodeh, School of Engineering, UWA

Green walls, facades and rooftop gardens are increasing in popularity for their capacity to cool our cities, help manage stormwater and improve amenity, community wellbeing and air quality. There is, however, a perception that green walls aren’t a good fit for Perth, with our long, hot, dry summers and wind conditions which may require larger of volumes of water for plant health. This study explored the potential for the creation of green walls irrigated with greywater, having consideration of key elements such as aspect, plant morphology, water requirements, water quality performance and temperature performance. It is based on a field trial of green facades installed at the Bentley Primary School. This presentation will outline the key findings of this ground-breaking trial, highlighting considerations for future design and installation of these systems.

This project is a partnership of the Department of Communities, the University of Western Australia and the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, with support from the Department of Education.

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