Project Details

WSUD Category: Detention Basin, Retention of native vegetation, Stormwater management in multi-dwelling developments, Tree pits, Soakwell, Rainwater storage & reuse

Development Type: Residential
Function/Driver: Environmental improvement
Government Area: City of Fremantle


White Gum Valley is part of a four year research project by the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living and Curtin University. The precinct is a ‘living laboratory’, where researchers monitor and assess how energy efficient design, technology performance and occupant behaviour impact on the carbon footprint of the precinct.

Stormwater detention basin

  • Stormwater from a catchment of over 12 hectares outside the development site is captured and infiltrated via drainage cells within the reengineered drainage sump.
  • Basin accepted by City of Fremantle as POS with full pedestrian access.
  • Stormwater up to the 20yr ARI is contained on lots.
  • Stormwater from streets up to the 5 yr ARI is piped through a drainage network connected to 10 infiltration chambers, via grated inlet pits and combined gully/side entry pits.
  • Larger events (up to 100 year ARI) from streets and lots are conveyed via road networks to infiltration chambers.
  • No discharge to City of Fremantle drainage sump located adjacent to the precinct’s south western corner.
  • Separation distance from lots to groundwater: 12 – 17 m.
  • Separation distance to groundwater from base of infiltration cells: minimum of 9m


Public Open Space

  • A community bore extracts groundwater from the superficial aquifer, providing a source of water for irrigation of public and private lots within the precinct, reducing reliance on mains water.
  • Extraction rates will be equal to or less than managed recharge levels from across the precinct.
  • The bore’s non-potable water is fed through a purple pipe and reticulated to each lot.
  • The system meets the Department of Water and Health requirements and will be managed by the City of Fremantle.
  • The water will be separately metered at each lot, the usage and flow monitored remotely for supply issues and data.
  • Landscaping across the precinct has been designed with waterwise plant selection and hydro-zoning.


Mouquet Vista

  • Permeable paving in sections of footpath underneath existing retained trees for localised infiltration
  • Specialised tree pit stormwater infiltration design to allow first flush of stormwater to feed into adjacent street trees


Gen Y Housing & SHAC (Affordable housing for artists and creatives by Access Housing)

  • Gen Y has plumbed underground rainwater harvesting tanks for use in toilets and washing machines through dual plumbing with relevant pipework and roof plumbing at each dwelling.
  • Water efficient fixtures and appliances – education for residents upon purchase of housing.
  • ‘At source infiltration’ – Soakwells installed on all lots to capture up to 20 year ARI events.
  • Larger events will be captured in underground infiltration cells in adjacent road reserves.
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