Verdant Apartments


Project Details

Verdant has a strong focus on energy efficiency and its design maximises the use of natural light and ventilation and incorporates a unique 3-story green wall; a vertical expanse of lush greenery right in the heart of the city.

WSUD Category: Green Roof & Walls

Criteria Information
Development Type:Residential
Function/Driver:Environmental improvement
Government Area:City of Perth
Site Context:Poorly draining soils
Year Completed:2019

The Verdant apartments in Perth’s CBD have a strong focus on energy efficiency and incorporate a 3-story external green wall. Vegetation grows in either a light-weight panel system for internal green walls, and in a plastic bauxite system for external green walls, both designed to retain nutrients and water. Each panel is 1.5 m long and 40 mm deep, and incorporate a water retention mat at the back of the panel into which plants grow. Plants are grown for 3-6 months before installation in order to ensure establishment.

Some challenges in establishing green walls include:

  • Drying out of plant pores by nearby air conditioning vents;
  • Over-heating of plants from sunlight allowed in by windows; and
  • Ensuring appropriate irrigation is achieved.