Project Details

WSUD Category: Living stream, Biofilter/raingarden

Development Type: Public Open Space
Function/Driver: Water quantity/flood
Government Area: City of Armadale
Year Completed: 2013


Shipwreck Park is adjacent to Forrest Road in Wungong Urban Water Precinct F. There is a living stream co-located with the park which replaces an existing local rural drain and was constructed in 2012/13.

The living stream design incorporates a low flow channel approximately 2m wide and a broad vegetated floodplain utilising most of the 30-60m wide corridor. Flooded widths are reported to be 8m in the 5 year ARI event and 14m in the 100 year ARI event. Peak flows of up to 3m3/s in a 5 year ARI event and 4.5m3/s in a 100 year ARI event are accommodated in the corridor.

The park design has accommodated an Aboriginal scar tree which was recognised by the local Aboriginal people for its cultural value. The park contains large areas planted with shrubs/ground covers. As these serve no water management function, so are likely to be a response to available groundwater and the desire to reduce the need for irrigation.

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