Project Details

WSUD Category: Retention of native vegetation, Biofilters, Detention Basin, Infiltration basins & trenches, Tree pits

Development Type: Public Open Space
Function/Driver: Water quantity/flood
Government Area: City of Armadale
Year Completed: 2009


The public open space (POS) area located along Peaceful Vista in Heron Park Estate incorporates an existing conservation category wetland into its design, with a focus on retention and revegetation of native plants and trees, in conjunction with localised stormwater management. Grassed basins throughout the POS allow for local infiltration of road runoff generated from small rainfall events, while larger detention areas including native vegetation have been incorporated into the site to allow water quality treatment and provide flood protection. In addition to providing a drainage function, this POS also provides significant amenity to local residents, as well as habitat for native fauna within and adjacent to the wetland.

Key site objectives:

  • Creating a space which incorporates public amenities within the natural vegetation while managing stormwater as close to source as possible.

Best management practices include:

  • Grassed drainage basins for small rainfall events
  • Conservation category wetland rehabilitated with native tubestock planting
  • Buffer to conservation category wetland
  • Detention basin with retained trees and vegetated swales to manage large rainfall events
  • Flush kerbing

Other objectives include:

  • Retention of mature trees
  • Public amenities:
    • Seating and play areas dotted around the public open space
    • BBQs and picnic facilities
    • Small amphitheatre with shade and backdrop for small community events
  • Water quality treatment
  • Protection of conservation and natural values
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