Project Details

WSUD Category: Bio Retention, Retention of native vegetation

Development Type: Public Open Space
Function/Driver: Amenity
Government Area: City of Gosnells
Year Completed: 2010


Flowerfield Loop borders a public open space (POS) area of Bletchley Park Estate which is characterised by a bioretention basin and retained native vegetation. The bioretention basin has been designed to treat local runoff generated during small rainfall events via native vegetation. The basin provides flood protection during rainfall events through detention of minor flows.

Native vegetation was retained within the bioretention basin to enhance the sense of place and provide some native fauna habitat. The vegetation also improves water quality of stormwater runoff before infiltrating into the Superficial aquifer.

Flowerfield Loop POS provides recreational amenity for local residents, incorporating WSUD treatments into a local park, enhancing the local connection to landscape and providing space for passive, non-structured recreation.

This site was part of the WSUD Tour through the Cities of Gosnells and Armadale. The whole document can be downloaded here.

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