Evermore Heights


Project Details

Evermore Heights is an estate with water sensitive urban design features from in-house to public open spaces

WSUD Category: Biofilter/raingarden, Rainwater storage & reuse system, Retention of native vegetation, Swale / buffer strip, Underground storage

Criteria Information
Development Type:Residential
Function/Driver:Water conservation
Government Area:City of Rockingham
Site Context:Shallow groundwater
Year Completed:2010

Residents have access to a dual reticulation system which draws groundwater for irrigating public open spaces and residential gardens.
The weather station, which controls the irrigation times and duration, is located at a local primary school and doubles as an educational tool for the local school children.
Homes have been equipped with WELS rated appliances and waterwise landscaping has been promoted through incentive packages which encourage new purchasers to plant low water tolerant species. A particular incentive package included a free 3000L rainwater tank which plumbs non-potable water to the laundry (cold tap) and toilets. Design guidelines include the requirement for permeable paving where hard landscaping is required within gardens.
Raingardens are located within allotments and the road network and treat flows up to the 3 month average recurrence interval (ARI) event. Larger stormwater flows, up to the 10 year ARI, are directed into swales located within public open spaces. The swales have been lined with a nutrient absorbing filter media and vegetated with native water tolerant species to treat stormwater prior to infiltration. Large infiltration basins, located in public open spaces are designed to receive and infiltrate up to the 100 year ARI event.

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