Project Details

WSUD Category: Wetland/lake algae management

Development Type: Public Open Space
Function/Driver: Water storage for irrigation
Government Area: City of Perth


The primary function of Claisebrook Lake is to provide water storage for irrigation of 10 ha of parkland and streetscape throughout East Perth. It is managed by the parks team at the City of Perth. Stormwater is the primary water source and is directed into the lake via several local drainage networks. However, sediments, nutrients, hydrocarbons and other debris, have previously caused contamination issues as well as resulting in the growth of aquatic weeds. Leaf litter from surrounding deciduous trees have also contributed to poor water quality. In order to improve stormwater quality and management at the lake, the City of Perth has undertaken a number of practices including:

  • Installation of a Gross Pollution Trap (GPT) to remove the larger debris;
  • Installation of an ultraviolet light screening system to reduce bacterial growth (this has been out of order and is not scheduled for replacement/upgrades);
  • Installation of aerators to improve oxygenation and mixing of lake water, as well as providing aesthetic value;
  • Implementation of a regular maintenance program to control the growth of the aquatic weed;
  • A maintenance contract that includes the frequent removal of leaves to ensure the amenity is kept to a high standard;
  • Development of a procedure to protect the wildlife during any maintenance operations; and,
  • Citizen Science Programs and lakeside signage to help residents understand water quality and maintenance issues.


Contact Officer:  Karl Kjaerheim

Email: [email protected]

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