Project Details

WSUD Category: Wetland/lake algae management

Development Type: Public Open Space
Function/Driver: Water quality
Government Area: City of Subiaco
Year completed: ongoing


Type of wetland

  • Lake Subiaco Common, Subiaco: Constructed
  • Lake Mabel Talbot, Jolimont: Natural & Constructed
  • Lake Jualbup, Shenton Park: Natural & Constructed

Wetland management issue

Urban wetlands with high level of sediments, algal bloom, cyanobacteria occurrence. Lake Jualbup and Lake Mabel Talbot have lower water levels in summer, while Subiaco Common has a permanent water body that is used for irrigation.

Treatment trialled

  • Name of treatment: Aquaritin
  • Quantity used: The manual surface application of the liquid product is done weekly for 4 weeks and then every 3 weeks. Depending on inflow levels, dosage is increased or decreased. As winter rains progressively fill the lakes, dosage will be increased according to the water volumes.
  • Method of application: Manual
  • Is there any known scientific research supporting its effectiveness?  ☒ Yes  ☐No

Date(s) of treatment

Treatment of Lake Subiaco Common began in January 2019, and began in May 2019 for Lake Mabel Talbot and Lake Jualbup.

Outcome of treatment

  • Visual observations: Following treatment, Lake Subiaco Common had clear and clean water, with a bloom of native Potamogeton crispus
  • Have water parameters specific to the treatment claims been measured before and after application?  ☒ Yes ☐ No
  • Comments: Photos taken every week, and blue green algae tests are done when weather conditions could trigger blue green algal bloom


Contact Officer:  Veronique Largier, Environmental Projects Officer

Email: [email protected]

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