Plan to rebalance precious groundwater resources released

The WA Government today released the finalised plan to rebalance Perth and Mandurah’s precious groundwater resources, which are at risk from the impacts of climate change and increasing use.

Release of the final plan follows several years of extensive stakeholder engagement and community consultation, as well as over six years of detailed scientific assessments and groundwater modelling.

The plan includes the release of the new Gnangara groundwater allocation plan and alignment of garden bore sprinkler rosters with the scheme sprinkler roster, which combined will save 70 gigalitres of water per year.

To support the implementation of the Gnangara groundwater allocation plan and the garden bore sprinkler roster, the McGowan Government will invest $11.5 million over the next four years to support the horticulture industry, local government and garden bore users adapt.

Since 1980, the impacts of climate change, reduced rainfall and increased groundwater abstraction has seen water tables fall by up to 10 metres – a 1,000GL loss of aquifer storage, equivalent to 1,000 Optus Stadiums full of water.

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Managing Perth’s Gnangara Groundwater system