General comments close 15 November – Draft State Planning Policy 2.9 – Planning for Water and Planning for Water Guidelines

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has released draft State Planning Policy 2.9 Planning for Water (SPP 2.9) and Planning for Water Guidelines (Guidelines) for public comment. 


Draft SPP 2.9 and Guidelines streamline and simplify the current framework to deliver greater clarity around how water-related provisions are implemented. The draft policy and guidelines consolidate:

  • State Planning Policy 2.1 Peel-Harvey Coastal Plain Catchment
  • State Planning Policy 2.2 Gnangara Groundwater Protections
  • State Planning Policy 2.3 Jandakot groundwater protection
  • State Planning Policy 2.7 Public Drinking Water Source Policy
  • State Planning Policy 2.9 Water Resources 
  • Better Urban Water Management
  • State Planning Policy 2.10 Swan Canning River System
  • the policy measures that address flooding within State Planning Policy 3.4 Natural Hazards and Disasters
  • Government Sewerage Policy. 

When making a submission please make sure you:

  • include the section or page number to which your comment relates
  • clearly state your opinion and the reasons for your opinion
  • outline alternatives or solutions to your area of interest
  • provide any additional information to support your comments.

Late submissions will not be considered.

Further information on draft SPP 2.9 and guidelines can be found on the DPLH website.