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Webinar │ Unlocking Waterways: Improving River Connectivity and Restoring Ecosystems

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Online – Times in AWST

As the Asia-Pacific region grapples with harmonizing growth and sustainability, our waterways demand immediate attention. Sustainable fisheries, the lifeblood of dietary needs in the region, hinge on the integrity and connectivity of our rivers. Infrastructure, though instrumental for development, has inadvertently compromised the health of vital river basins, particularly the Mekong River Basin. In this webinar, we venture into the heart of these challenges, exploring innovative solutions and emphasizing the need to restore and reconnect.

Topics covered will include:

  • The significance of fisheries, their dependence on river connectivity, and the myriad advantages of preserving fish passages spanning across biodiversity to food security and overall economic upliftment of households.
  • Ecological repercussions of river basin fragmentation with a special focus on Mekong River Basin.
  • NextGen Programmes irrigation initiatives supporting fisheries, preserving biodiversity, and boosting ecosystem services.
  • The importance of detailed river infrastructure mapping for improved water resource management in fragmented river basins.

Hear from the NextGen publication series authors and contributors:

🎙 Lee Baumgartner, Charles Sturt University

🎙 John Conallin, Charles Sturt University

🎙 Ana Horta, Charles Sturt University

🎙Emily Barbour, Australian Water Partnership (moderator)