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Webinar │ How long will my bioretention last?

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Bioretention systems (also called biofilters, bioretention basins, biofiltration systems, bioswales and raingardens) are one of the most commonly used stormwater treatment asset within Australia given their flexible design, space efficiency and applicability at a variety of scales. In Queensland alone, an estimated $1 billion per year of investment in bioretention systems is predicted. It is important that personnel involved in their design, construction, establishment and management are aware of their expected ‘lifespan’ – after which the systems do not function in a manner consistent with their design intent, and the biofiltration system (or at least the filtration media) should be replaced. The estimated lifespan of biofiltration systems cited in industry-accredited guidelines and anecdotal reports varies significantly. These estimates are anticipated to be based on limited evidence despite the significant implications to their accuracy, particularly for asset managers given the high costs (and resource requirements) required to replace these systems.

This webinar aims to advance our knowledge of biofiltration longevity through research that assesses the ability of biofiltration systems to provide consistent water quality and hydraulic performance at the decadal time scale with standard maintenance. This webinar will include a review of long-term performance monitoring studies and hydraulic analyses of biofiltration systems, including high flow biofiltration systems and ‘conventional’ biofiltration systems.

The webinar will include a short (20 minute) presentation, followed by Q&A with attendees.


10:30 am - 11:30 am
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