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Management of Wetlands and Constructed Lakes

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Online – AWST

WALGA and New WAter Ways have partnered to deliver two upcoming webinars on the Management of Wetlands and Constructed Lakes.

Webinar 1:  Designing a Water Quality Monitoring Program
The first webinar provide information on designing a water quality monitoring program that is tailored to the type of wetland or lake, and the management objectives.  New WAter Ways will discuss monitoring considerations such as selecting the right parameters (physical, nutrients and heavy metals), frequency of monitoring, reactive versus scheduled, groundwater or surface water, and the influence of water level and flow.  New WAter Ways will highlight the importance of collecting the appropriate water quality monitoring data to inform management actions and assess the effectiveness of interventions.

Webinar 2:  Floating Islands, Drainage Socks and Wildlife Management
The second webinar will provide case studies from Local Governments and the Water Corporation on water quality and wildlife management projects. Information on the performance of floating islands and different types of gross pollutant traps (drainage socks, floating litter booms and floating litter traps) will be discussed.  Management of common wildlife issues, such diseases in aquatic birds, and techniques for the removal of introduced fish such as carp and koi, will also be discussed.

For more information, please email WALGA’s A/Event Manager, Ulrike Prill or call (08) 9213 2043.

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Local Government Officers


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