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International Water Association Conference – Water & Wastewater Management

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Murdoch University, Perth

The IWA Conference on Water & Wastewater Management, with special focus on Developing Countries will be held in Perth, Western Australia from 3 – 8 December 2023 at Murdoch University. What an exciting time to be sharing ideas, presenting the latest research findings and discussing new possibilities in science and technology with local and global policy directors, engineers and managers, with a special focus of those operating and advising developing countries.


Safe water supply and wastewater management is essential for all life forms. These are fundamental resources necessary for socio-economic development and for ecological sustainability.

Good quality water is becoming scarce due to population growth and associated residential and industrial development and pollution particularly in developing countries. Furthermore, safe and adequate wastewater treatment is a significant area requiring urgent attention. It is timely that the sustainable management of water resources is widely discussed, noting that water can be recycled an unlimited number of times after adequate treatment. The principal focus will be on the necessary infrastructure to provide good quality water in sufficient quantity and wastewater management in the most sustainable manner and the conference will have topics relating to water supply and wastewater management with special interest for developing countries. The conference will discuss decentralized as well as centralized systems and explore new and innovative methods of treatment, a better understanding and assessment of resources and their supporting ecosystems, proper management for conservation and approaches to achieve the dual aim of economic development and ecological sustainability.