Department of Water launches ‘UNDO’ tool

Department of Water launches ‘UNDO’ tool

The UNDO tool assists urban development proponents and state and local government agencies to evaluate nutrient reduction decisions for urban developments on the sandy Swan Coastal Plain.

UNDO is designed for ease-of-use by urban development proponents and for assessment by local and state government authorities. It is web-based, and provides users with the ability to implement a range of structural or non-structural design options to evaluate and reduce nutrients exported from an urban development. Urban developers and decision making authorities can use the UNDO tool as part of the land use planning process to:


• determine the nutrient impacts of an urban development in a consistent manner that is supported by local, national and international scientific literature
• enter data and information about the development to assess its nutrient export in a logical and easy-to-use system
• allow land development proponents to design and put forward various management practices that would reduce the nutrient impacts of the development (and adhere to targets if targets are outlined for the development area)
• report and summarise the development design, the proposed nutrient management practices and the nutrient exports clearly and concisely
• allow assessment by state and local government agencies to streamline the approval process in a consistent manner.


More information on UNDO: Brochure, user guide and application

NB you may get this message when you click the application link:-

“Welcome to UNDO Tool!
Undo tool is developed as Microsoft Silverlight application.
Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome Version 45+ DOES NOT support Silverlight.

Browsers that support Silverlight :
Internet Explorer 9+ | Firefox 12+ | Safari on Mac OS 10.6+

You need to download and install Microsoft Silverlight plug-in to run this tool.
It takes less than a minute to get you started.
Please download and install the plug-in from here.
More information on Silverlight system requirement are available here