CRCWSC refining the Scenario Tool

The TAP (Tools and Products) team has been refining the Scenario Tool, a planning-support tool that allows users to assess the evolution of urban infrastructure, water networks and population demographics. It uses available data and running models to simulate different scenarios.

The team is currently testing the development version of the Tool with individuals and User Acceptance Test (UAT) groups. Using this feedback, the team will update the various models, software, functionality, and resources.

When we’re satisfied the tool is user friendly, we will start case study applications with selected CRCWSC Participants, using the staging version. We expect to call for expressions of interest from CRCWSC Participants to undertake a case study in late February 2020.

We will use feedback from this staging process to inform the final production version. This final production version will be released for broader application from July 2020 onwards.

We’re running training and webinars about how to use the tool

To ensure future practitioners can harness the outputs from the Scenario Tool, the team is conducting regular training webinars to CRCWSC Participants.

The next webinars are scheduled for:

Date & Time Models/Components Description
12 Decemeber 2019*
Infill development,        Land Surface Temperature and TARGET


The training will focus on using the Scenario Tool software to assess the impacts of infill developments on urban heat and explore different adaptation strategies.
Wednesday 5 February 2020* Water Cycle Model The training will focus on how to use the water cycle model to create customised adaptation planning strategies.

*To be confirmed.

You can register your interest in attending webinars by contacting Stefan Kitanovic at

To keep up to date on events and outputs from TAP, please visit our website or contact Tammie Harold on