Code of Practice urban and peri-urban drainage modelling in Western Australia

In early 2020, key stakeholders and urban drainage practitioners in WA recommended the formation of a partnership to “prepare a ‘code of practice’ or guideline which describes the process for model build, verification and reporting. The document should include guidance for different scales, planning decisions and risk, and support generation of local knowledge and improved maintenance. If possible, it should state conditions of importance for the Swan Coastal Plain and document ways to calibrate and sense-check the model. Development of the code of practice to be led jointly by SWA, Engineers Australia and IPWEA, with input from DPLH, Water Corporation, AWA, DWER, WALGA & UDIA.”

Key agencies and local governments contributed some funding and in 2022, work commenced to draft the Code of Practice in partnership with stakeholders and industry. The Code of Practice for urban and peri-urban drainage modelling in Western Australia, has been endorsed jointly by Stormwater Western Australia, the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (WA) and Engineers Australia, Hydrology and Water Resource Panel.


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