Climate policy supports Western Australia’s low-carbon future

The McGowan Labor Government has released the Western Australian Climate Policy, outlining actions to create a low carbon future and create jobs in clean industries to support WA’s economic recovery.

The policy will ensure our environment, economy and the community are more resilient and better prepared for the unavoidable impacts of climate change. It includes actions to drive our transition to net zero emissions by 2050.

It focuses on six key areas – clean manufacturing and future industries; transforming energy generation and use; storing carbon and caring for our landscapes; lower carbon transport; resilient cities and regions; and government leadership.

The policy includes a significant investment in low carbon initiatives, including:

  • $21 million for an Electric Vehicle Strategy;
  • more than $100 million towards the 100 megawatt big battery;
  • $15 million for the WA Carbon Farming Strategy and Land Restoration Program;
  • $3.1 million for the Climate Science Program for improved climate change projections;
  • Plan for a net zero transition across WA’s public sector;
  • $15 million Renewable Hydrogen Fund, plus $13 million funding to support the fledgling industry;
  • $60 million Green Jobs Plan;
  • $9.2 million Clean Energy Future Fund;
  • Renewable Hydrogen Strategy; and
  • The Future Battery Industry Strategy.

Read about the State Government’s climate change actions and consultation findings here.

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