Project Description

Day 1 – Construction and Establishment of Vegetated Stormwater Systems

Effective civil construction and landscape establishment of biofilters, living streams, constructed wetlands and vegetated swales is required to minimise costs and timeframes and realise the stormwater management benefits of these systems.

This workshop will provide detailed step by step guidance on the construction and establishment of vegetated stormwater systems, using biofilters and living streams as case study examples, to address the key issues faced during on-ground delivery. The workshop covers construction methods that respond to the phases of development (i.e. civil construction, landscape establishment and house building) and protocols (inspection requirements, sign-off forms) that ensure successful construction and establishment.


Day 2 – Managing and Maintaining Vegetated Stormwater Systems

Vegetated stormwater systems require maintenance in order to deliver their stormwater management and amenity benefits. Maintaining vegetated stormwater systems doesn’t have to be difficult. This workshop provides detailed guidance on how to maintain vegetated stormwater systems as easily and cost effectively as possible, using biofilters and living streams as case study examples.


Biofilter Resource Links

*Note: at the time of writing (11 November 2015), the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities had recently published an updated summary report to correct an error in the filter media specification with respect to organic matter content. You should know two things about this. First, the main document hasn’t been updated and hence it contradicts the summary report. Secondly, the updated guidance allows for bioretention systems with no organic matter. Based on Queensland experience, organic matter in filter media is crucial to plant survival. Hence the change is concerning. Healthy Waterways is liaising with the CRCWSC on this matter. Keep an eye out for further information if using these documents.