Project Description

WSUD in streets is better than WSUD in parks

With an emphasis on mitigating urban heat and managing 15mm as close to source as possible, leaky pits, tree pits and biofilters in road reserves and medians are considered good options. However there is often a battle for space between services and driveways and other essential bits of our streetscape. How do you fit it all in?

But we have also seen poor outcomes where drainage takes up too much useable space in our parks. So which location is better? Which is hydaulically more efficient? Which delivers better community outcomes? Is maintenance of WSUD assets easier in streets or parks?

The Great Debate considered these questions and much more. At our water industry night we heard from interesting, passionate and dynamic industry people going head to head to convince the audience of their arguments.

Debate adjudicator: Jeremy Cordina, Parcel Property

Affirmative team (better in streets): (click on surname to view the slide shows)

  • Nick Deeks, GHD
  • Janine Ahola, City of Melville
  • May Carter, Edith Cowan University

Negative team (better in parks):

  • Carl Done, Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire
  • Carla Ramsland, Emerge Associates
  • Wayne Edgeloe, Calibre


The winner?

This was the second debate in the series – and it proved to be as informative, entertaining and engaging as last year’s. The debaters argued whether WSUD was best in streets or parks – and they got serious! Presentations showed the best and worst of both, arguments were convincing and powerful. However in the end, our esteemed adjudicator, Jeremy Cordina, made a great call. That there is no single best place for WSUD and each and every situation is unique as are its need (or not) for WSUD. Basically, the more WSUD the better – we need to protect our precious water resources and help recharge as much water as we can, providing filtration along the way to benefit the community and environment to the best of our ability.

Thanks to Nick Deeks, Janine Ahola and May Carter (affirmative team – streets) and to Carl Done, Carla Ramsland and Wayne Edgeloe (negative team – parks) for a GREAT debate! See you all for round 3 in 2018!



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