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NWW Webinar │ Showcasing the City of Mandurah as the Platinum Waterwise Council for 2024


Online – Times in AWST

For the second time in seven years, the City of Mandurah has won Platinum Waterwise Council of the Year for its innovation and leadership embedding waterwise principles into their operations.

Presented by the City of Mandurah’s Dale Robinson, Senior Water Resources Officer, Dave Janiec, Coordinator Business Systems and Bonnie Beal Richardson, Coordinator Environment Engagement, this webinar will highlight some of the recent strategy and project examples, including;

  • How aquifer recharge is benefiting Mandurah’s catchment towards sustainable groundwater supply for public open space;
  • Love Our Lakes Workshops – Water Quality Education and how important these naturalised systems are for Mandurah.
  • Waterwise Verge Community Program – How the Mandurah Community are delivering waterwise and biodiverse verges.
  • How field sensors have revolutionized the City’s approach to water management, forensics and action. How these technologies enable quick detection of water leaks using machine learning, efficient management of groundwater licenses, and a live understanding of water consumption patterns. And how these processes bring stakeholders together, fostering collaboration and shared responsibility in water management.

The City of Mandurah’s new Environment Strategy, and the journey of how the local community were pivotal in helping to shape this important document.