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Nature Repair Market Webinar Series │ Opportunities + Challenges for biodiversity markets in Australia

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Event Series Event Series: Nature Repair Market Webinar Series


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The Alluvium Foundation is a not-for-profit independent organisation affiliated with the Alluvium Group of companies. We seek to be involved in and influence national debate on complex issues that impact on our society and environment. The Alluvium Foundation is a platform to bring together national and international leaders to discuss and debate key issues and influence policy, planning and practise.

One of the focus areas for the Alluvium Foundation revolves around advancing industry knowledge and understanding of private investment to deliver the COP15 biodiversity targets.   A major development in this space was the passing last year of the Australian Government’s Nature Repair Act, introducing certificates to underpin a biodiversity market (running alongside the burgeoning carbon market).   Australia is actually the first country to introduce such a centrally regulated biodiversity market.

As government works to establish how this market will operate, we have heard little news.  The Alluvium Foundation has brought together outstanding speakers to explore the opportunities and challenges of such a Nature Repair Market.   We will be holding two online lunchtime seminars (Wednesday April 24 and May 1).   This introduces a topic that could represent a fundamental change in the way the environment is protected and repaired in Australia and globally.

Session 1: Wed April 24th  (1pm – 2:30pm)  –   Opportunities for biodiversity markets in Australia
• A government perspective (Jeremy Thomas, DCCEEW, Director, Legislation and Compliance, Nature Repair Market section).
• International context for biodiversity investment (including linkages with the carbon market) (Laura Waterford, Director, Pollination)
• A legal perspective  (Jillian Button, Allens-Linklaters, Partner and Head of Climate Change)
• Requirements for successful regulation  (Carl Binning, Executive General Manager Scheme Operations Division Clean Energy Regulator).

Session 2: Wed May 1 (1pm – 2pm)   –  Challenges of biodiversity markets
• Risks, opportunities, and net outcomes of biodiversity markets  (Dr Megan Evans, UNSW)
•  An ecological perspective  (A/Prof Patrick  O’Connor, Uni of Adelaide)
• Challenges of biodiversity markets  (Dr Neil Byron, Director, Natural Capital Economics).

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For more information please contact Ian Rutherfurd at ian.rutherfurd@alluvium.com,au