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Law & Order: WSUD Asset Maintenance Webinar


Online – AWST

n this webinar, Clatyon Utz’s Lauren Smith and Ocean Protect’s Daniel Rider will be going through the legal findings from the legal review conducted as part of the Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Maintenance Compliance Framework.

For this review, the following questions were explored:

• Is it illegal for a council to not maintain their public WSUD systems?

• Is it illegal for a property owner to not maintain their privately owned WSUD system?

• Is it illegal for a council to not enforce maintenance requirements on private WSUD systems?

• Are there mechanisms that canbe put in place to allow councils to require certain things to be done during development projects with WSUD systems?

• Are there existing legal mechanisms for councils to use to enforce maintenance on private WSUD systems?

Lauren and Daniel will go through the findings for these questions, and outline how this affects stormwater management in Australia.
This webinar will include a short (approximately 20-minute) presentation, followed by Q&A with attendees. A certificate of CPD can be provided to attendees upon request.


May 30
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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